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Leather Seat Conditioner

Leather seats add a touch of luxury and opulence to your car interiors. Also, the comfort of sitting on leather seats is unparalleled. Like everything else used regularly for some time, car leather seats deteriorate over time. The leather loses its shine and luster which is caused by the constant exposure to sunlight, heat, dirt, etc. The damage to the leather car seats results in destroying the look of your car and decreasing the resale value. We at Ziebart UAE understand the importance of keeping the car interiors looking as good as new. We provide leather conditioning services for car seats to revive the original shine and protect against further degradation.

Ziebart UAE is regarded as one of the reputed car servicing professionals. We are the experts in car interior services, and our customers trust us because of our exceptional performance. With years of experience, we have devised innovative leather cleaning and conditioning methods that clean the car upholstery and restore the authentic leather shine.

Benefits of Leather Seat Conditioning

Leather seats are harder to stain and easier to wipe clean in case of any accidental spill in your car. Car owners mostly clean their leather seats with just a cloth which may get rid of the apparent dirt and grime. But other factors are causing damage to the expensive leather interior of your car, which includes exposure to direct sunlight and extremely hot climate. Regular maintenance and upkeep of leather car seats are a must to keep them looking shiny and luxurious. The color is often painted on the original leather and then locked with a seal coat. This seal is damaged over time because of dirt and oils. It is essential to thoroughly clean this top seal coat using specialized leather conditioning solutions. At Ziebart UAE, our expertise lies in reviving the look of your expensive leather car interior using products that condition and provide long-lasting protection.

Prevent Leather Seat Cracks and Fading

Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color of the leather to fade out and cracks to appear in the leather seats. We use leather conditioning treatments that will add the moisture back to the leather. It will not only prevent the drying out and cracking of the leather but also the protection layer stops the color from fading out.

Restore Leather Seats

The luxurious look and feel of car leather seats are lessened over time due to various reasons. Our leather cleaning and condition treatments will help restore and revive the beauty of your car leather seats. We use top quality leather conditioners that leave no oily residue after the application making them convenient to use.

Long-Lasting Leather Seat Protection

The leather conditioners form a coating on the top of car seats that acts as a shield against the heat and sunlight. This protects the leather seats against any further damage. One application of Ziebart leather conditioner can last up to six months ensuring your vehicle’s seats and surfaces look and feel their best.

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Quality Products

We use non-toxic and environment friendly products that are specially designed to provide the highest quality results.



We don’t use machines or tools to clean the car leather seats because in our experience, hand cleaning is more thorough and meticulous and help achieve the best shine in leather seats.

Long Term Experience

We have been in the car interior service business for long to understand different leather cleaning issues and that different leathers require specialized care, so we use the right type of leather conditioning treatment.

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We ensure that you get the best car interior cleaning services in the shortest time possible.

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