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Protect yourself and your passengers from the havoc brought on by the sun. With window tint from Ziebart, you can stay cool by looking cool!



Ziebart’s exterior detailing process is a complete top to bottom, bumper to bumper cleaning experience that will restore your vehicle’s original beauty.



Ziebart’s anti-bacterial interior detailing process is designed to provide a healthier environment for you and your family while extending the longevity of your vehicle’s interior.



Ziebart has been innovating automotive protection since 1959. Trust your investment to the most experienced name in the industry, a name synonymous with protection: Ziebart.



Ziebart's exclusive films, Window Tint and Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film, will enhance the appearance and protect the longevity of your vehicle.



Spray-on Bed Liners applied at Ziebart are made to be just as rugged and work just as hard as the person behind the wheel.



Your vehicle should look and function exactly how you want it to. Ziebart offers a wide variety of automotive accessories to help your vehicle meet your expectations.


Car Window Tinting – Paint Protection Films

Car Tinting Dubai

Keeping your vehicle protected inside out can help maintain and improve its value while locking in that showroom quality looks year-round. The harsh weather in the Middle East necessitates a reputable company to offer comprehensive car protection from the sun, additional shielding, and privacy. At Ziebart, we are known for our industry-leading paint protection film quality and unique and highly trusted auto protection services that don’t compromise your car or its appearance. Our paint protection films protect the car’s surfaces against abrasive debris. We guarantee more than ten years of warranty with quality products and professional car window tinting installation. At our car workshop in Dubai, we ensure an enhanced level of protection and a stunning sleek appearance. In addition to car paint protection and window tinting in Dubai, we also offer professional car interior detailing, car rust protection, and diamond gloss paint protection. Connect with us for more information.

Our Services

With exclusive products and best-in-class warranties, Ziebart is the right choice for drivers looking to take their vehicle protection to the next level. Our protective film services include:

Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film

When applied to your vehicle, a simple adhesive car paint protection film helps prevent damage to areas vulnerable to road debris, nature, stains, and more. Our car tinting Dubai offers the highest quality services at the best prices with convenient services.

Window Tint

Ziebart’s expert 3M window tint services enhance the look of your vehicle while blocking harmful sunlight and adding an extra layer of protection.

Vehicle Graphics

Advertising graphics come with a very high-performance wrapping vinyl with protective over-laminate applied to the print surface, providing additional UV protection.

Vehicle Wraps

Color change wraps are vinyl wraps that cover the factory paint of your vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of color changing vehicle wraps available in a variety of hues and finishes.

The Benefits of Window Tinting in Automobiles

Interior Security
Glare Reduction Effect
Heat Block
Economize on Gasoline
Lifetime Warranty
It Has A Custom Look and is Sleek

How can you make your protective films more visible and last longer?

  • After the material has been installed; it usually takes 2-3 weeks to cure the glass thoroughly.
    Allow a week for the film to cure and avoid lowering your windows right after application.
  • To extend the longevity of your windows, make sure to clean them.
  • Whenever possible, clean with a soft cloth or synthetic sponge. When cleaning, avoid using rough cloths or products and make your 3m window tint last longer.
  • To clean the tint surfaces, use Ammonia-free detergents or soaps.
  • Service and maintenance should be done regularly, and a warranty should be claimed from the service workshop.
  • Do not attempt to tint or remove it yourself; instead, leave it to the professionals.

Why You Must Get A Professional for Car Window Tinting Dubai?

In an age when everything appears to be at your fingertips, a simple internet search for car paint protection film near me will yield a thousand results, all ready for you to benefit from. However, you must understand a few things before you participate or decide to get car window tinting work done on your vehicle.

  • A professional will always utilize the best materials available; otherwise, your glasses may blur.
  • If the film installed is poorly and not by an expert, it may damage your car when it is removed.
  • Improper tinting materials may cause bubbles and color loss as the temperature rises, which can be prevented if the materials used are of the highest quality.
  • If not placed by a qualified professional, the material may start to interfere with frequency spectrum, GPS navigation, and the reheating of the car’s watering system.

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