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Personalized Vehicle Wraps

Standout with Best Vehicle Wrapping in Dubai

Color-changing wraps commonly known as vinyl wraps cover the vehicle’s existing factory paint. They can be used to change the entire paint color, add striping, or simply wrap sections like the hood, roof, or tailgate to give your vehicle a unique look. These vehicle wraps are extremely durable and efficient in promoting businesses and brands. Further, they can be easily removed without causing any damage to the vehicle’s originality.

Ziebart UAE is your one-stop shop for adding style and personality to your car, SUV, truck, van, RV, or boat. Our professionals aid you in designing personalized graphics. While cutting-edge printers ensure quality and accurate precision cutting of graphics. We strive to provide the best exterior detailing services, and our certified installers give your vehicle a flawless, new look.

Car Wrap Service Dubai

Transform your car’s appearance for a distinctive look with professional car wrap services in Dubai. They are not just a better alternative to painting your vehicle but are also the best option for anyone seeking a unique car design. At Ziebart, we can help in sprucing up your car by offering a wide variety of options. This includes creating special effects for a pearl or matte finish, imitation of leather, 3D carbon fiber, chrome, and high gloss, and if you want to protect your car, we also offer paint protection films. Our car wrapping prices are highly competitive in the Dubai market, assuring you of affordability with no compromise on quality.

Our car wrapping films are easy to remove, leaving no residue or damage to the car. The result is a flawless surface with no effect on appearance or color. They are weather-resistant and easily washable. So, by choosing us, you can be confident of receiving work of the highest quality, performed with great care and technical know-how to avoid vehicle damage and ensure the long-term durability of the wrapping. To book a vehicle wrap service, reach out to us today!

Our Vehicle Wrap Styles and Finishes

Racing Stripes

Create a sporty look with our racing stripe wraps, which are specifically designed for sports car enthusiasts.

Carbon Fiber Accents

Get our carbon fiber wraps on your vehicle for a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Matte Finish

This wrap is ideal for those who prefer a matte finish on their vehicles.

Complete Color Change

Transform the look of your vehicle with our color-changing vinyl wrap.

What is Included in Our Vehicle Wrap Service?

Full Wrap

Our car wrap acts as a shield for your car’s paint, thereby protecting it against any chipping or scratches. The car wrap preserves the appearance of the car and is available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Partial Wrap

If you don’t want to cover the vehicle entirely, we also offer partial car wrapping services. This technique is great for companies who want to promote their company while on the go.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping


Car wraps are an excellent way to personalize your vehicle. Whether a whole body wrap or partial wrap, you can select from various designs that are personalized to your personality.

Protect The Car’s Paint

Wrapping acts as car paint protection, preventing it from chipping or scratching. This further prevents costly repairs and maintenance.


Car wrapping service is one of the oldest yet greatest techniques to promote your brand. Moreover, it is considered a cost-effective method of advertisement.

Easy to Remove

Do you want to change your existing car wrap? That won’t be a problem. They are easy to install and remove. Contact us, and our team will have the job done.

Outstanding Outdoor Performance

The dirt repellent film characteristics of the wraps provide excellent durability and performance.

Procedure to Wrap A Vehicle

The car wrapping process is divided into three primary parts. View the entire work process here:

Step 1: Wash

Our car detailing professionals start the process by cleaning the car. The vehicle is then dried to avoid dampness. This is the first and most critical step in creating a smooth finish.

Step 2: Measurement

The car wrap is then cut based on the shape of the car. This ensures every part of the vehicle is covered seamlessly with no visible paint or car part.

Step 3: Installation

In the last stage, our team will meticulously wrap the vinyl around the car, ensuring every curve and edge is covered. The result is a clean finish with no bubbles or cracks.

Cost of Wrapping

Our car wrapping price in Dubai will vary based on the type of service. The following are the starting price and will vary based on factors such as the shape and size:

  • Bonnet, roof or trunk – AED 1,500/-
  • 4×4 Full body wrap (Matte finish) – AED 19,000/-
  • Customized racing strips – AED 2,000/-
  • 4×4 Full body wrap (Carbon fiber finish) – AED 23,000-35,000/-
  • Foil removal – AED 2,500/-

Our Recent Car Wrap Works

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