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Protect yourself and your passengers from the havoc brought on by the sun. With window tint from Ziebart, you can stay cool by looking cool!



Ziebart’s exterior detailing process is a complete top to bottom, bumper to bumper cleaning experience that will restore your vehicle’s original beauty.



Ziebart’s anti-bacterial interior detailing process is designed to provide a healthier environment for you and your family while extending the longevity of your vehicle’s interior.



Ziebart has been innovating automotive protection since 1959. Trust your investment to the most experienced name in the industry, a name synonymous with protection: Ziebart.



Ziebart's exclusive films, Window Tint and Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film, will enhance the appearance and protect the longevity of your vehicle.



Spray-on Bed Liners applied at Ziebart are made to be just as rugged and work just as hard as the person behind the wheel.



Your vehicle should look and function exactly how you want it to. Ziebart offers a wide variety of automotive accessories to help your vehicle meet your expectations.


Exterior Car Detailing

Advanced Car Polishing, Paint Protection and Scratch Repair Service


Ziebart’s car exterior detailing process is an absolute and exclusive cleaning experience, which will retain the vehicle’s real beauty. Much more than a ‘car wash’, our car exterior cleaning solutions include high quality and hands-on servicing for improved ceramic paint protection and quick scratch repair. Road debris, construction materials, and loose gravel are all hazards for your vehicle’s well-being and are the target of Ziebart’s full detailing solutions for cars. Our trained vehicle experts will remove all of the residue, dirt, and scratch the road inflicts through our premium exterior car wash, clay paint restoration and other solutions.


Renew your car luster and maintain its appearance for long with our expert car paint repair and polishing service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. The exclusive Z-Central Detailing System aims to offer efficient car exterior cleaning and restoration in a short period of time. Your cars or trucks deserve to look stunning and sleek as it was in the showroom. Ziebart has the full exterior detailing solutions essential to walk back the effects of thousands of miles and regain the car shine by improving the chrome, wheels, trim, glass tires, and more. Moreover, we also provide world-class car interior detailing, rust protection with 3m nano ceramic coating, and diamond gloss paint protection.

Our Car Exterior Detailing Service

Apart from professional exterior car wash, our auto detailing services include various advanced car paint repair or ceramic paint protection, scratch repair and other modern exterior detailing or polishing service in the UAE.


Aquapel® Rain Repellent Glass Treatment

This modern windshield rain repellant glass treatment is an effective car exterior detailing a method to increase visibility and safety while driving during day or night.


Hi-Speed Car Polishing Service

We offer a comprehensive hi-speed vehicle polishing solution for effective car scratch repair and ceramic paint protection that prevent colour fading as well as restore the car shine.


Clay Paint Restoration

Our professional car exterior detailing and cleaning services also include car paint repair for removing imperfection and retaining the high-end luster of your car with our clay paint restoration.


Car Scratch Repair

Using car care products, our car dent repair experts offer scratch and scuff repair, exterior detailing and car polishing service to give your car a spotless shine.


Headlight Cover Restoration

Ziebart’s car exterior cleaning service also covers headlight reconditioning and polishing to remove impurities and fogginess for clear light emission.


Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection

Revolutionary and professional auto detailing method for ceramic paint protection using high-quality car wax and other certified car care products.



A simple exterior car wash is now outdated. Choose our all-inclusive exterior detailing solution, including scratch repair, paint restoration, polishing and complete car wash services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.



Ziebart’s exterior detailing options include a wide assortment of effective, industry-leading products, including:

Benefits of Professional Car Exterior Detailing?

All automobiles, including luxury cars, tend to acquire scratches or damages after the usage for a while. A normal car exterior wash can only clean up the dust and debris accumulated over the surface. For effective maintenance of cars, you need to avail our reliable full detailing and polishing service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE, which entails many more advantages.

  • Durable paint protection
  • Effective car scratch repair
  • Improve car performance
  • Increase car resale value

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