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Ziebart’s exterior detailing process is a complete top to bottom, bumper to bumper cleaning experience that will restore your vehicle’s original beauty.



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Ziebart's exclusive films, Window Tint and Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film, will enhance the appearance and protect the longevity of your vehicle.



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Ziebart Protect-A-Shine®

The beautiful and glossy paintwork of a new car turns the heads around on the roads. Every driver wants to retain the lustrous look of their vehicle. However, over time the car will lose its shine and become dull. Your expensive car will only look impressive as long it is gleaming & shiny. At Ziebart UAE, we help you restore the polished and glossy look of your vehicle that will make it look like it just came out of the showroom with our Protect-A-Shine® services.

Our cars are exposed to a lot of harsh things while they are on the road. The dirt and debris are the major culprits affecting your car’s appearance. Furthermore, the UV rays from the sun can make your car paintwork oxidize. These harmful sun rays damage the color of automotive paint, making it look hazy and dull. In extreme cases, the paint may start to come off, so you must get car paint repair services. But there are ways to protect your vehicle’s paintwork with exterior detailing services at Ziebart UAE. We have designed a powerful combination of our exterior detailing products and services to restore, enhance, and protect your vehicle’s original showroom shine.

Our Process

Cleaning & Servicing

While on the roads, your vehicle accumulates a lot of dirt and debris visible on the car exterior. The grime also gets in nooks and crannies that are not apparent and are hard to reach. The Protect-A-Shine® service at car detailing Dubai begins with a hand wash to remove any dirt, road tar, grime, and residue from your vehicle. All chrome, trim, wheels, tires, and glass are cleaned and repolished to a gleaming shine.

Protective Paint Coating

After your car has been polished, the following step is to seal in and safeguard its gleaming appearance with a long-lasting protective paint coating. This protective coating also serves as a barrier between your paint and harmful ultraviolet radiation, which can dull the look of your car.

Additional Protection & Shine

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s appearance, Ziebart Diamond Gloss offers the best protection between your vehicle’s paint and detrimental elements. Diamond Gloss, backed by our countrywide warranty, seals in that flawless finish and removes the need for wax.

Advantages of Our PROTECT-A-SHINE® Process

  • The detailed shine and paintwork protection services at Ziebart UAE restore and enhance the look and beauty of your vehicles.
  • The contaminants that get stuck in various corners of your cars are thoroughly removed making it clean.
  • Your car is protected against scratches because of the protective film that is installed in the process.
  • The faded look of the car is restored to its initial shiny and polished look.
  • If you get the additional diamond gloss procedure, your will not need to use the car wax to polish your car.


Aditiya Johar

I have owned my car for five years and the paintwork looked extremely dull. After getting the Ziebart Protect-a-shine service, my car gleams brightly and looks much newer.

Alan Adam

I got the protect a shine service from Ziebart after getting a recommendation from a colleague. The staff is very helpful and dedicated towards their work. I am greatly satisfied with the results.

Kevin Williams

My car looked very dull even after regular polishing with wax at home. I went to Ziebart and got the shine protection service which gave my car a brand-new gloss that I have always wanted but was unable to achieve by myself. Recommended if you want a shiny car.

Ziebart's exterior detailing options include a wide assortment of effective, industry-leading products, including:

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