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Protect yourself and your passengers from the havoc brought on by the sun. With window tint from Ziebart, you can stay cool by looking cool!



Ziebart’s exterior detailing process is a complete top to bottom, bumper to bumper cleaning experience that will restore your vehicle’s original beauty.



Ziebart’s anti-bacterial interior detailing process is designed to provide a healthier environment for you and your family while extending the longevity of your vehicle’s interior.



Ziebart has been innovating automotive protection since 1959. Trust your investment to the most experienced name in the industry, a name synonymous with protection: Ziebart.



Ziebart's exclusive films, Window Tint and Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film, will enhance the appearance and protect the longevity of your vehicle.



Spray-on Bed Liners applied at Ziebart are made to be just as rugged and work just as hard as the person behind the wheel.



Your vehicle should look and function exactly how you want it to. Ziebart offers a wide variety of automotive accessories to help your vehicle meet your expectations.


Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film

Short for PPF, paint protection films are specifically formulated to shield your car’s exteriors from chipping, scratches, and any other damage. These films are made nearly invisible, giving the car a natural shine while also providing ultimate protection. At Ziebart, we offer PPF that works for gloss and matte vehicles. They are easy to remove and help keep your car well-maintained for longer. We use special computer software and our in-house cutting plotter to produce patterns tailored to your vehicle without needing a knife. It ensures precision while applying it to your car.

Apart from offering protection from chipping and scratches, it also protects the exterior paint from fading over time. It perfectly conforms to white and light-colored vehicles and can also be wrapped around curved surfaces such as mirrors and bumpers for an added shield. Performed by a specialized team, we ensure the film coating gives the car a refined and brand-new appearance. So, you no longer have to search for car paint protection film near me. We can help!

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Top Reasons to Get Car Paint Protection Film

  • Scratch resistant
  • Ease of installation
  • Self-healing and hydrophilic characteristics
  • Extraordinary durability
  • Offer complete clarity
  • Prevents paint swirls from forming

What is the Lifespan of Z-Shield Paint Protection Film?

The average lifespan is between 8-10 years. However, certain factors could reduce it. This includes poor surface preparation and installation. With Ziebart, a leading exterior detailing company, our professionals ensure attention to detail during installation for that seamless finish.

Our Protective Film Services

Drivers who seek to take their vehicle protection service a notch higher should rely on Ziebart. With exclusive products and best-in-class warranties, we guarantee a successful end result. Some of the services we offer include:


Does your film turn yellow?

No. We employ only the highest quality paint protection film, ensuring it doesn’t turn yellow over time. Moreover, our top coat shields the film from solvents that could cause discoloration.

Is there a special technique involved when washing the car?

No, you may continue washing your vehicle just as you normally would. Our paint protection film aids in keeping your car in prime condition.

Should I be worried about any chipping later?

We guarantee you that this won’t be a concern. We work endlessly to assure you of the unrivaled quality provided.

Why does my car need paint protection?

Dubai’s hot climate is known to notoriously take a toll on your car’s exteriors. UV rays, sand particles and rain can easily fade, scratch or crack the paint’s surface. Through PPF, your vehicle gets a long-term shield from such harmful elements.

Will the film affect the original paint of the car?

No, it won’t. As aforementioned, it is a clear film that is suitable for both white and light-colored cars.

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