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Nano Ceramic Z- Gloss Coating

Everyone wishes to maintain the brand-new shine of their cars. The scratch less and shiny exterior of the new vehicle when you have just purchased it from the showroom is beautiful. But it is almost impossible to keep the car in this state forever. The cars are continuously exposed to several external factors that reduce their gloss and dull their shine. At Ziebart UAE, we have developed our patented Z-Gloss ceramic coating for your vehicles. We help you protect your automobiles by applying this paint protection coating over the car exterior.

Why Your Car Needs Z-Gloss Protection?

Our vehicles are facing continuous exposure to the Sun. We drive and park our vehicles on the roads where they are exposed to the Sun’s UV rays. They are the major factors that cause your car paint job to fade and shine. Environmental elements like air, rain, and water can corrode your car paint with oxidation. Discoloration caused by acidic air pollutants is another source of possible harm to your vehicle. Our Z-Gloss paint protection coats the vehicle surface, preventing harmful things from coming into contact with it. You can also look into our other vehicle protection services to protect your car against damage.

How it Works?

We apply a uniform coat of Ceramic Z-gloss over your car surface. The coating makes a strong bond with the surface forming a barrier over your car paint. The Z-Gloss layer acts like an ultra-tough, ultra-hard crystalline shield protecting your vehicle. The protective layer keeps the car looking beautiful while requiring little upkeep. The layer strongly repels water. Due to the hydrophobic properties of the Z-gloss nano-ceramic coating, the car is protected against many contaminants. We suggest not to wash your automobile for at least a week after applying the coating. This allows the coating to dry and harden on the surface of your car thoroughly.

Advantages of Z-Gloss Car Coating

  • The ceramic car paint layer protects the appearance of your vehicle.
  • Increases and redeems the glossy shine of a new car.
  • Hydrophobic properties due to which r oil, dust, dirt, and other minute particles do not stick to the automobile’s surface.
  • Extremely durable and chemically resistant, making it extremely long-lasting.
  • High temperature, UV rays, oxidation, and acid rain resistance coating layer prevent corrosion and paint fading.
  • Ceramic coating renders scratch resistance properties to your car paint.
  • Z-gloss is a cost-effective option compared to the rusting, corroding, and damage recovery cost, including car paint repair you might bear later.


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