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How To Care Your Car After Getting it Rust Proofed? | Ziebart UAE

Ways to Protect Your Vehicle After Getting A Car Rust Protection Service


Your car might look and work great, but it is only a matter of time before rust gets the best of it. Once this happens, it can have a severe impact on your vehicle. To begin with, it may reduce the car’s lifespan, cause electrical and mechanical parts to fail, and even affect the car’s safety. For that reason, getting car rust protection for your vehicle is best. Now that you’ve done it, here are a few techniques to keep your vehicle protected.


Wash and Wax Regularly

Depending on where your car is parked, it is best to wash it at least twice a month. This, too, leaves a clean finish on your vehicle. It helps maintain the shine and ensures the protection film doesn’t wear off. Additionally, you could apply wax to your car by yourself or a professional.


Protection from Scratches

While this may seem inevitable, there are a few steps one could take to prevent it. Firstly, park your vehicle under a shaded area or parking with a roof to protect it from bird feces. This is because it contains chemicals that could damage the paint and leave scratches. Apart from this, you should also avoid driving over mud as it may stick in the wheel bay, under the car, or any other corner of the vehicle.


Look for Concerning Areas

In order to prevent rust from forming, it is best to perform regular checks in various areas of the vehicle. This includes the front grille, side mirrors, sunroof, wheel compartment, and beneath the car.


In Conclusion

Now that you’ve understood the various benefits of rust proofing and ways to protect your vehicle, we hope you will follow the steps regularly. We know that following this consistently may not be possible. In that case, you can get your car checked by a professional car detailing company.

How to Select the Right Car Paint Protection | Ziebart UAE

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Car Paint Protection


The use of paint protection films has grown significantly over the past few years, protecting the car’s body while preserving the color’s health and improving its aesthetic appeal. These days, cars are viewed as investments, which is why it’s crucial to safeguard the exterior of your vehicle with the proper car wrap. Here are some pointers to help you decide whether or not you’ve selected the right one for your car.


Sun Protection

Just like our skin, the car’s exterior also needs protection from the sun. For this reason, you need to find one that shields the vehicle from the strong rays. Sun-shielded paint protection allows the car to look as good as new. This not only helps in maintaining the original paint but also prevents any cracks or damage.


Scratch Protection

Irrespective of how you keep your car, scratches are inevitable. With a paint protection film, you definitely can keep this at bay. A good quality film acts as a guard preventing it from any scratches. This further increases your vehicle’s resale value.


Easy to Clean

When selecting a film, ensure you’ve chosen one that prevents any dirt or debris from sticking to the car. This makes it easy to clean and helps maintain the exterior body of your car. Again, another consideration when considering your vehicle’s resell value.


Investing in car paint protection is one of the best decisions you can make for your car. The results are effective and long-lasting.

Importance of Tinting Your Car Windows in Summer | Ziebart UAE

Top Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows


The scorching rays of the sun not only damage the interiors of your vehicle, but it also makes it hot and stuffy inside. With a car window tinting service, you can keep your car cool at all times. Moreover, it offers complete protection and safety. That being said, the UAE laws permit a window tinting shade of up to 30%, irrespective of the gender. Here are a few reasons why tinting your car in Dubai is important.


Maintain the Interiors

If you have to park your car outside on a regular basis, you will notice discoloration and a faded upholstery. Window tints not only aid in maintaining the color but also helps in keeping your car looking new for long.


Increased Privacy and Safety

By keeping your windows tinted, you can keep valuables inside your car without worrying about theft. For those handling highly valuable or sensitive items, this is a crucial consideration. Additionally, the tint offers security because nobody can see you or your passengers up close. Given that so many people in Dubai favor this level of privacy, it is a great factor.


Protection Against Ultraviolet Rays

Your car can be shielded from UV rays and the sun by having its windows tinted. This also reduces your risk of developing skin cancer, which is crucial for people who have to drive for extended periods of time.


Reduces The Temperature Inside The Car

The ability to keep the car cool during the sweltering summer months is another benefit of window tinting. It is in fact a great solution to ensure comfort while driving on the road as it helps reduce the heat inside the car by up to 60%. Get in touch with a car tinting company in Dubai and enjoy all the benefits mentioned.

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