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Headlight Cleaning & Restoration Services

When driving on the roads, you should be able to see everything around you with clarity. Car headlights illuminate the streets and ensure drivers’ and passengers’ safety. The faded and worn-out car headlights don’t do their job properly and should be cleaned and polished for restoration. At Ziebart UAE, we provide car headlight cover restoration services, so you are always safe on the roads. Your vehicle’s headlights become more important if you drive at night or in foggy weather. Car headlights must be in perfect working conditions as they let you notice road signs, other vehicles, and unforeseen hazards.

As important as headlights are, they can get worn down over time. They can become scratched, discolored, and hazy with time. The external factors like UV rays, constant exposure to the heat produced from the bulb inside, and the dirt and debris on the road deteriorate the conditions of the headlights. These changes affect the light produced by the car headlights, and they don’t generate as much light making it dangerous for the driver. Headlight cleaning and restoration is a car exterior detailing service that should never be ignored as it is paramount for your safety.

Our Process

The process includes two main steps which are explained below.

Wet Sand Headlights

Gritty sandpaper is used to scrub at the oxidized headlights to get rid of the haze. The headlight and the sandpaper are made wet before starting the process. This gives enough abrasion for scrubbing but doesn’t damage the headlight itself. Two different grades of sandpapers are used 600 Grit and 800 Grit based on the extent of oxidation in headlights.


Ziebart’s headlight cover restoration solution leverages our advanced hi-speed polishing process to remove unwanted headlight haze. This approach is specifically designed to improve headlight brightness, leading to headlights and fog lights that shine brilliantly clear.

Advantages of Clean & Polished Headlights

  • Restoring headlights will generate bright lights, which is required for driving in dangerous conditions to ensure your road safety.
  • Hazy headlight fog not only reduces your vision while driving, but it also adds an ugly aspect to your car. Our team removes headlight fog, effectively restoring the luster to your car’s headlights.
  • Driving experience becomes much easier and comfortable as the road ahead is well illuminated.
  • Your LEDs perform at their best and generate maximum illumination.

Why Choose Us for Headlight Restoration?

Detailed Services

We carry out the restoration process in the most professional way using latest methods and technologies for cleaning & polishing.

Best Prices

Our rates are the most competitive in the auto detailing market.

Quick Turnaround

We are quick with the exterior car detailing services and returning process.

Experienced Staff

Ziebart UAE employs highly skilled professionals who assist in achieving the desired result with auto detailing.

Ziebart’s exterior detailing options include a wide assortment of effective, industry-leading products, including:

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